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What makes Midnight different?

It's the simplest, most versatile, and most powerful time tracker you've ever used.

Just tell midnight when you start a new activity and Midnight does the rest. Track everything from work to personal life with ease and keep them organized with #hashtags.

Why choose Midnight?

There are many time trackers out there, but none quite like Midnight.


Based on Research

Inspired by Laura Vanderkam's "168 Hours", Midnight helps you understand and manage your most valuable asset—your time—with minimal friction.


One Size Fits All

Designed for those seeking to optimize every moment. Whether you're invoicing clients or auditing your personal time, Midnight is your partner in productivity.


Easy to learn, easier to use.

Midnight is designed to be simple and intuitive, so you can spend less effort tracking and more time doing.

Reclaim Your Time Today

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    • This is great for freelancers! Working with multiple clients is so easy now. I can track all of my client work with a simple hashtag! Midnight also helps me prep for meetings when it counts down how long I have until the meeting. 10/10 would recommend if you track your time in any way!

      Executive Assistant

Value in every minute.

Discover the true value of your time. No commitments, just insights.


Good for anybody who wants to make the most of their time.


  • Cutting edge time tracking from multiple devices
  • Informative Reports
  • Graphs, Metrics, and Insights
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Perfect for freelancers, contractors, and independent professionals.


  • Advanced time tracking features
  • Generate invoices
  • Export CSV reports
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Great for sharing Midnight with your team. Includes all Pro features.

Starts at $39

  • Includes all Basic and Pro features
  • Includes 5 team members with more at $7/month
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and we'll be happy to help!

    • How does Midnight track time?

      Just enter when an event starts and Midnight automatically daily and weekly reports of where you've spent your time. Use natural language like "eating lunch ten minutes ago" and Midnight takes care of the rest. Use #hashtags to categorize your activities to generate detailed reports and invoices.

    • Can Midnight integrate with other apps and tools?

      Yes! Midnight is designed for seamless integration with various tools and apps to automate your time tracking as much as possible. It works with Shortcuts, FLIC buttons, IFTTT, Zapier and more with a full REST API.

    • Is Midnight suitable for both personal and professional use?

      Absolutely. Midnight is versatile enough to track both your professional projects and personal activities, offering you a complete overview of how you spend your time. Use it for everything from sleep tracking to professional project billing.

    • How does Midnight help with invoicing?

      For freelancers and businesses, Midnight can generate detailed time reports that can be directly converted into invoices, making billing clients a straightforward and efficient process.

    • What is the 'Free Two-Week Time Audit'?

      Our Free Two-Week Time Audit is a program designed to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of how you spend your time. It's a full-featured trial of Midnight, giving you insights into your time management without any commitment.

    • What are the different pricing plans for Midnight?

      We offer a range of plans to suit your needs: basic for personal use and essential time tracking features, pro for professional features like invoice generation, and a team license for businesses to track multiple users. We also offer a free trial to help you decide which plan is right for you.

    • How do I get started with Midnight?

      Getting started is simple! Just sign up for the Free Two-Week Time Audit on our website, and you'll be on your way to mastering your time management with Midnight.

    • How does Midnight ensure the privacy and security of my data?

      Your data's privacy and security are our top priority. We use industry-standard encryption and security practices to ensure that your information is always protected.

    • Can I access Midnight on different devices?

      Yes, Midnight is accessible on both web and mobile platforms, allowing you to track your time seamlessly across different devices.